About me

Vytenis Lingys was born on December 6, 1956 in Vilnius. In 1969–74 he attended the Vilnius Children Art School. In 1974–80 he studied painting at the Vilnius Art Institute (now the Vilnius Art Academy). He created set design for films, scenery and costumes for Šiauliai, Kaunas and Leningrad (Sank-Peterburg) theatres, and the Vilnius Youth Theatre, worked as a set designer for many state festivals, and created various Japanese-style lamps. He participated in the artists’ symposiums in Nida, Scotland, Iceland, Germany, the Island of Mauritius, Japan and France. He held 35 solo exhibitions in Lithuania, France, Germany, Japan, Norway, USA, Russia, Holland, Hungary, Canada, Estonia, Finland and participated in 42 group exhibitions. Since 1988 he is a member of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association.

Personal Exhibitions:

2016 Paintings, drawings. National M.K.Ciurlionis Art Museum Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania
2015 Paintings. A.Pushkin's Museum, Moscow
2015 Paintings. Scriabin's Museum, Moscow
2014-15 Paintings .”Piano.lt”. Vilnius
2014 Paintings, drawings,”Light in the Light“, Gallery“Arka“, Vilnius
2014 Paintings, Drawings. Court of Justice of the European Union. Luxembourg
2013 Drawings.“ Drawing“ "Lietuvos Aido" gallery, Vilnius
2013 Drawings.“Intersection" ,Gallery „Linz“ Paris, France
2012 Paintings, drawings. Gallery “Ramybe” Palanga, Lithuania 
2012 Paintings, drawings. Villa Montesquieu, Bordeaux, , France
2012 Paintings. ”Lietuvos Aido” Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
2011 Paintings, drawings. Gallery “La Boheme” Issegiac, France
2011 Paintings, drawings. “Hullu Poro” Levi, Finland
2011 Paintings. Saaremaa Museum. Estonia
2010 Paintings, Drawings. Vilnius “Mazasis” Drama Theatre
2009 Paintings . Panevezys Drama Theatre , Lithuania
2009 Drawings. ”Kaire-Desine” Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
2009 Paintings.  Gallery “Autentic”, Klaipeda, Lithuania
2009 Paintings. ”Lietuvos Aido” Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
2008 Paintings, drawings. "Vida gallery", Connecticut street, San Francisco, CA
2007 Paintings, drawings. Oakwood Club, Lafaette, California
2006 Paintings, drawings. Vilnius Town Hall. Vilnius, Lithuania
2006 Paintings, drawings. Art gallery "Klementina", Casa Mendez, San Felipe, Ciudad de Panama, Republica Panama
2005 Paintings. ”Karolina” Art center. Vilnius, Lithuania
2005 Paintings, drawings. ”Lietuvos Aido” Gallery, Vilnius
2005 Paintings. Lithuanian National Philharmonic. Vilnius
2003 Paintings. Espace Saint Remi, Rue Jouannet, Bordeaux, France
2003 Paintings. Show - Room Charles, 4 Rue du Fuburg St Honore, Paris
2003 Paintings. Le Socle de la Grande Arche, Paris La Defense, Cedex, Paris
1999 Paintings. Gallery “Vartai”, Vilnius, Lithuania
1998 Paintings. Gallery “Vartai”, Vilnius, Lithuania
1998 Project “Dodo”. Gallery “Kaire desinė”. Vilnius, Lithuania
1995 Paintings Gallery “Arka”, Vilnius, Lithuania
1993 Paintings. Gallery “Arka”, Vilnius, Lithuania
1993 Paintings.Kunst Gaste Atelier, Düsseldorf. Germany
1992 Paintings. Gallery “Arka”, Vilnius, Lithuania
1991 Paintings. Gallery Foyner Gimle, Oslo, Norway
1990 Paintings. Drawings. Museum of Lithuanian Art, Lemont, USA
1988 Paintings. P.Cvirka Gallery. Vilnius, Lithuania
1988 Paintings. Panevezys Drama Theatre. , Lithuania
1987 Paintings. Trade Union Palace. Vilnius, Lithuania
1984 Paintings. Youth Drama Theatre. Vilnius, Lithuania
1984 Paintings.  P.Cvirka Gallery. Vilnius, Lithuania


Group exhibitions:

2015 Paintings. “Hello! Maestro P.Smuglevicius” "Gallery" Arka ", Vilnius
2015 Paintings. Lithuanian artists Plein Air Montady, France
2015 Paintings.”ArtVilnius 15” contemporary and modern art fair, Vilnius 
2015 Paintings.” The Colour of the light”,Gallery "Ramybė". Palanga 
2015 Paintings..” The Colour of the light” Gallery”Arka”, Vilnius
2014 Paintings. Lithuanian artists Plein Air Umbria, Italy

2014 Paintings.”ArtVilnius 14” contemporary and modern art fair, Vilnius
2013 “Colors of Provence”. Gallery “Arka”, Vilnius, Lithuania
2013 Paintings. Lithuanian artists Plein Air, Provence, France
2012  Drawings, painting on the wall,stonerelief, “Fresh-winds”Gardur, Iceland
2012 Pastels. Gallery”Kunstkamera”, Vilnius, Lithuania
2011 L'exposition Dégust'Art Europe à La Coupole, Paris
2011 Exhibition of Vilnius town painters. “Arka” Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
2011 “Fresh-winds” installations, drawings, Gardur, Iceland
2009 Installations “Flick-flack” Gallery “Kaire-desinė”, Vilnius, Lithuania
2008 "Hand made paper lights installation "dew", Vilnius
2006 Paintings. Berlaymont summa artists exhibition. European Commission, Berlaymont, Brussels.
2005 Paper Lights Exhibition “Expectation”. Gallery” Kairė- Desinė”, Vilnius
2005 Paintings, paper lights. ”Karolina” Art center, Vilnius
2004 Paper Lights Exhibition. Gallery” Kairė- Desinė”, Vilnius
2003 Chemin de peintres, Plateau de Maulnes Villon, France
2003 Graphics. Lithuanian Contemporary Art Center
2003  Paper Ligths Exhibition. Gallery” Kairė- Desinė”, Vilnius
2002 Paintings, installations. “The Way –Japan” Gallery “Kairė- Desinė”, Vilnius
2002 “You+Me Shop” Takako Saito (Japan) and Lithuanian artists. Art Gallery Kaunas.
2001 Paintings, installations. Gallery “Omotesando” Tokyo, Japan
1996 Paintings of Lithuanian Artists, Eifel. Germany
1995 Paintings Tra de ART, Passau, Germany
1994 Paintings of Lithuanian Artists. Atelier am Ecke. Düsseldorf. Germany
1993 Paintings, pastels, Workshop, Düsseldorf, Germany
1992 Samditidskunst, Gallery Foyner Gimler, Oslo, Norway
1990 Paintings of Lithuanian Artists, Amsterdam, Holland
1989 Paintings of Lithuanian Artists, Sentendre, Hungary
1988 Republican Fine Arts exhibition. Lithuanian Contemporary Art Center. Vilnius
1988 Young Artists Exhibition, Klaipėda, Lithuania
1988 Graphics. “Del Belo Gallery” miniatures art exhibition. Ontario. Canada
1988 Over union Young Artists Exhibition, Contemporary Art Center, Moscow, Russia
1988 Young Artists biennale. Lithuanian Contemporary Art Center.
1988 Republican Fine Arts exhibition. Lithuanian Contemporary Art Center
1987 Young Artists Exhibition. Lithuanian Contemporary Art Center
1987 Young Artists Exhibition. Kaunas Art Center, Lithuania
1986. Young Artists Exhibition. MDR, Vilnius
1985 Over union drawings Exhibition. Art Center, Moscow. Russia
1985 “Cast-off” Exhibition. Windows of Contemporary Art Center
1985 Republican Fine Arts exhibition. Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius
1984 Republican Fine Arts exhibition. Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius
1983 Republican Fine Arts exhibition. . Kaunas Art Center
1983 Paintings of Lithuanian Artists. Tartu. Estonia
1982 Republican Fine Arts exhibition. Contemporary Art Center,Vilnius
1982 Young Artists biennale “Youth”, .Vilnius
1981 Artists of Vilnius “One Work” Exhibition, P.Cvirka Art gallery
1981 Republican Spring Exhibition. . Kaunas Art Center
1980 Republican Fine Arts Exhibition. Art Center .Vilnius




2012 “Equinox” Verksnionys, Rokiškis., Lithuania

2012 International ART FESTIVAL, Bienale “Fresh Winds in Gardur”. Islandija (www.fresh-winds.com

2010/11 biennial“Fresh Winds in Gardur”. Islandija (www.fresh-winds.com
2007/2008 Workshop "Ten Years Later", Mauritius (http://

2002 “LOOK 2002” Edinburgh, Scotland

2001 “Abiko Open Air” Exhibition, Japan

2001 “On the Edge” Nida, Lithuania

1999 “Reflections”, Nida, Lithuania

1997 -1998 “Myth, Culture, Religion”, Moka, Mauritius

1995 “The Sign”, Nida, Lithuania

1993 “The Light”, Nida, Lithuania



2013 Workshop.  Le Pont-de-Montvert, France

1995 Kunst Gaste Atelier, Düsseldorf. Germany

1994 Kunst Gaste Atelier, Düsseldorf. Germany

1993 Kunst Gaste Atelier, Düsseldorf. Germany


2015 R. Lileikis, K.Masanauskas, V.Lingys REQUIEM, Visualization.
2013 “Maat”,Studija 2000, Documentary mowie, production designer
2012 Karl Jenkins REQUIEM.  Congress Concert Hall, Vilnius, Lithuania
2011 Vidmantas Bartulis “REQUIEM”.  Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre
2005 Lithuanian Restoration Seimas, the 100th anniversary celebration, The National Philharmonic, Vilnius Lithuania


© 2007-2011 Vytenis Lingys. All rights reserved.

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